Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thank You

This month my blog has had the most page views ever. Normally my biggest page view months are during the A to Z blog fest or something like that. However, this month had none of that. It was a very busy month for me as a writer. I covered nine plays. I also covered six concerts. So there was a lot of theater and a lot of music to blog about. The CATF at Shepherd University also linked my blog to their press section.

What does August have in store for the blog? Right now I am only confirmed for four concerts and no theater shows. I plan to participate in another Blogfest next month as well. I also want to write a few reviews. I am behind on a couple and I just got two new CDs from a local artist. Even with August not being as packed as July, there will be plenty of new material on the blog.

Once again thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you stop by again.

1 comment:

Jeremy Bates said...

Yeah, cool on the concerts. Which ones?

A to Z is a big one and I had a considerable amount of page views then as I imagine everyone who participated did.

I am hosting a Dog Days of Summer 3-day blog fest August 10-12 if you're interested.