Monday, July 16, 2012

R.I. P Jon Lord

Rock and roll lost another great. Deep Purple founder and keyboardist Jon Lord passed away today. He was battling pancreatic cancer. You can read the report here from the BBC. Not only am I a fan of Deep Purple it is also a band my wife and I saw on our first date. So it is sad news in deed.

Here is Jon getting an Honorary degree..

Here is Jon Lord performing "Burntwood."

Here is Jon Lord performing with Deep Purple in 1972 the song is "Lazy"

Thanks for the music, Jon Lord R.I.P. his music lives on due to videos and recordings

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Jeremy Bates said...

What first attracted me to Deep Purple was the keyboard sounds. "Lazy" is one of my favorites along with "Highway Star."

I did not know that he had died. At least the music lives on.

Thanks for the "Lazy" video.