Thursday, February 11, 2016

Word of the Day is Loss: R.I.P Marvin "Word" Day

It is not every day that the death of a waiter is a trending topic on facebook. Not everyday that a waiter's death makes headlines if only locally in a major city. The news hits you a little different hen you realize you have been to the restaurant and you have seen the waiter in action. Hits you a little more when you remember Marvin Day announcing the word of the day and knowing you received a fist bump from the man.

(Picture from Wikiedia)

Like the picture above I remember waiting inline to eat at The Camellia Grill in New Orleans. It was well worth the wait for a fabulous omelet.  I was amazed that the waiters would just call out the orders. That amazed me as they were busy but nothing was written down and the orders all came out perfect.

Mr. Day wasn't our waiter but I do remember him walking through sharing the word and fist bumps. The wait staff was very energetic.

I'm sure the regulars miss Marvin Day. I'm certain he was something special in lives he had developed relationships with. I'm glad our paths crossed.

The City of New Orleans mourns him, the staff at The Camellia Grill certainly miss him and I am sure his family and friends miss him as well.

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