Saturday, February 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Bob Marley!

Today is Bob Marley's birthday is reason enough to celebrate his birthday. If you are reading this from a colder climate the tropical vibrations of his music might warm you up. It would be appropriate to celebrate his music and legacy as part of Black History month. I enjoy his positive music, it is music I can share with my child without having to worry about lyrics on most songs. He could write spiritual, political, and songs with so much meaning. I could go on but really his music speaks volumes!"

"Is This Love"

"One Love"

"Could You Be Loved"

I kept the theme of love on the songs. One I love his music. It is February and Valentine's Day is around the corner and love will be on the minds of many. Marley's music also reminds of the different types of loves and love for different things. I hope you enjoyed these positive vibrations and I will have another post soon!

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Dixie@dcrelief said...

Nice love theme! I may thaw out yet... it's cold here, Mike, (smile).