Thursday, February 18, 2016

Olympic Gold: Shani Davis

I was searching for something to blog about today. I decided to search today's date February 18 in Black History since it is Black History Month. That's when I discovered Shani Davis a speed skater from Chicago.

On this date in 2006 he did something that no other Black athlete had ever done! Needless to say he was the first African American. As an American I am sure I was proud of his contribution to our medal count, the Speed Skater also won a Silver Medal in the 2006 Games.

Just 10 years ago Shani Davis made Black History. I hope he did could inspire others that they could make history in the future. Perhaps someone else could be the first in another event certainly someone will be next.

What Shani Davis did at the next Winter Olympics made history too! Yes he would Black Athlete to do his next feat. He became the first man of any race to successfully defend a Gold Medal in the 1000 meters race. He also earned another Silver in the 1500.

Shani Davis is a great American Olympian and perhaps his story might inspire you to go for the Gold!

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