Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Thoughts on Cam Newton

 Cam Newton is taking a lot of heat about the Super Bowl. Certainly one could criticize him for not diving after the fumble but perhaps he lost track of the ball. Maybe he felt it was too late to dive in after it.

He is taking even more heat about walking out on the press conference after the game. Obviously he didn't want to be there but the NFL requires it. First it is disrespectful for the interview to take place where he can hear interviews from other players on the other team. Trust me there is plenty of space under the stadium top prevent that.

He didn't say he wanted to go to a strip club or drink a lot of beers. He did say they were outplayed. He was upset he had a bad game, his team lost, and it was on the biggest stage. You want a player who is upset in that situation. The interview questions weren't great, he said they were outplayed and he left. It is better to do that then say something emotionally that wouldn't be very nice. Rip him for that all you want but I think he may have done the right thing.

No he wasn't dabbing, dancing or celebrating. The Denver Broncos defense took care of that. If a team doesn't want to see him do that be like the Broncos and stop him. Manning had an awful game too. However his team won.

I like that Cam Newton has fun win he wins or makes big plays. The NFL is big business but it is a game! He doesn't like losing. He is upset when he does. That is understandable. Do the interview in a better setting. Journalists when the interview is ended or going nowhere end the interview.

Cam Newton is a new generation player. He brings excitement.  I love that he gives the footballs to young fans. He is involved in lots of charities. Maybe he could have handled the loss with more class but maybe the press could have handled him with more class. There is always another perspective.

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