Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Remembering Mother Teresa on her BIrthday

Today August 26, 2015 is Mother Teresa's birthday. Though she passed away 18 years ago. I wish she was still alive doing her humanitarian deeds. One of the reasons is a very selfish reason on my part. I just love to hear what great works she was doing now or anybody. I am tired of the political, racist junk I see when I go onto facebook or read headlines somewhere.

So on her birthday I am missing the positive things she did.  I don't want to go into politics on this post or religion. I am straddling those lines. But that is not where I want to take this post. I simply want to celebrate her life and her great deeds.

Her last speech...

Ronald Reagan presented her with The Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1985

Below is a miniBio of Mother Teresa...

I am not Catholic but I was wanting to blog about someone positive and Mother Teresa fits the bill. A great time to remember her on her birthday. Thanks for visiting and I will be back soon!

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