Friday, August 21, 2015

Battle of the Bands Winner: The New Riders of the Purple Sage

Before I get to the results. I have to say I am enjoying visiting the other Battle of the Bands participants battles lately. Some really cool artists have been highlighted.

The New Riders of the Purple Sage won my Battle of the Bands over "Panama Red" coasting to a 10-5 victory over Old and in the Way. The voting was close early.

Before I dive in to highlight more music from the winners. I thought I would respond to some comments since I didn't respond to them before.

Birgit asked if that was a banjo? In Old and in the Way. The answer is yes and it is played by Jerry Garcia who is mainly associated with the guitar.

Stephen T. McCarthy made me laugh with his comment: "I had no idea that you wear a Stetson and drink bottled water!" 

Back to the normally scheduled music..

The winners with "Gypsy Cowboy"...

"Glendale Train" with special guest Jerry Garcia..

I am going to wrap it up with "All I Really Wanted"..

There are the results! Thanks for voting and thanks for visiting! Stay tuned for a new Battle of the Bands battle coming September 1, 2015.


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Glad you enjoyed my remark, MIKE.

By the way, I ALSO wear a Stetson and drink bottled water. Maybe you and I are long lost brothers from other mothers? Or... muhthas? :-)

~ D-FensDogG
'Loyal American Underground'

Birgit said...

Oh-I was right??! Thank goodness that I am beginning to learn the sounds and not just always go by a visual.

Jeffrey Scott said...

It was certainly an interesting battle this time around. Looking forward to your next battle.