Friday, August 7, 2015

Witnessing history or a magic moment: Kelby Tomlinson

You may have noticed a gap in my blogs for a few days earlier this week. I made another road trip, this time to Atlanta to catch a few baseball games.

Turner Field..the Lego version at Legoland Atlanta...

Major League baseball has a very long schedule stretching from Spring to Fall and teams play 162 games. Over the course of a season there are events that will go down as historic events in the long storied history of baseball. There are also lots of special moments for players and fans that might get lost in the sport's history. When they happen it is difficult to know what these events will turn into. Only time knows.

Kelby Tomlinson...(picture via MLB)

I witnessed Kelby Tomlinson's first major league at bat on Monday, August 3, 2015. Obviously a highlight of this 25-year old rookies baseball career. His first at bat he collected his first hit a single. His first at bat and reaches the milestone of his first hit. It was his only at bat in the game. He was batting 1.000. My stepson summed it up perfectly when he stated "it can only go down from here." It was thrill and he shared his special moment with family who was on hand to cheer him on!

Two days later he made his first major league start. His next two at bats he collected two more hits. Timely hits that drove in three runs. He ended his first start going 2 for 4 at the plate and his batting average was down to .600. Still a promising start to his young Major League career.

As I am writing this post he has played in two more games. He earned a second start. However, he has gone 0 for 5 since leaving Atlanta. His batting average is still pretty good sitting at .300. Time will tell if I witness baseball history. I certainly witnessed a few magic moments in the life of Kelby Tomlinson.

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