Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A to Z: Bird, Arlee

Today I continue the A to Z: Challenge with the letter B. Today I am going to play it forweard a bit and give tribute to Arlee Bird. His last name is Bird and it fits for today. I know a few folks played tribute to him on the first day, but the second day might be more of a surprise.

Any way he is the one who created the event. Now it has grown so big, become so fun and successful he needed to recruit a whole team to run it. But without Bird we might not have this..

The A to Z blogging challenge is a lot of fun and it is addicting too. This is my third year of doing the challenge and I keep coming back.

Arlee Bird also has his own blog called "Tossing it Out" which you can visit here. Thanks for stopping by and I will be back with a new post on Wednesday with smething related to the letter C.


Dana said...

Cheers for Arlee! I'm grateful that he created this wonderful challenge.

Have a great day. ☺

Susan Scott said...

B for Bird - how lovely is that! Doing a jump around - will check yr Alice in Wonderland.

Tim Riley said...

Arlee's creation really seems to be taking off. The Challenge gets bigger every year-who knows where it might go.

Laura Broach said...

Yes! Thanks Arlee! Loving reading the challenge posts!