Friday, April 5, 2013

A to Z: Ebert, R.I. P.

I am trying to keep my blog true to what it is as I go through the A to Z: Challenge. Obviously somedays will be sa stretch but they represent the wild mood swings exhibited on the blog, or should I define the random twists my rambles take. Hwever, as I demonstrated with the Alice post I work in things that I cover into my blog but try to always find a bit extra to add. I also cover interesting celebraties to write about their birthdays and deaths. Most of the time they are musicians, sometimes actors, soetimes writers and sometimes others.

Today my post is dedicated to the movie critic Roger Ebert. I review theater, concerts and sometimes movies and while I can't say he influenced me he did do a lot for what I review in terms of movies. In my youth he did influence me and my sourounding world on what movies to see with his show with Gene Siskel.

Here is a tibute article from hjis home town Chicago Tribune, Roger Ebert used to wrtite for the Chicago Suns-Time. Here iis th Sun-Times tribute.

Here is a clip about him finding his new voice from CBS..

Here he is doing what I remember him doing...

Here are some reaction from "Stars"...

Roger Ebert lost his battle with cancer. Thanks for the memories and recommendations may you rest in peace.

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