Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A to Z: Network News

I am wired. I don't get my news from television. I don't have cable and I don't get local channels. I don't get the Newspaper. I get my news online or via snipits on the radio. Sometimes headlines grab me when I check my email or I will find an article of interest via twitter, linkedin, or facebook.Trust me I get plenty of news probably overloaded with it.

Yesterday, I wish I didn't get the news at all. First there was the bombings in Boston. I am glad the death toll was lowewre than what I heard on the radio. Still shocking news. Deaths and so many injuries. When they describe roads as being blood stained that can't be good. Maybe after 9/11 this type of thing really gets me, maybe I am just getting older and I understand the value of human life better. Regardless, my thoughtss and prayers went out to Boston.

Then later, I found out a guy I used to work with died. An apparent accident on a scenic rock where he fell to his death. He was someone I interacted with almost on a daily basis over a couple of years. He was a good guy and very helpful. I feel for his family and his kids. I know it is one death, but its a little harder when it is closer to home, when it is someone you know.

Hopefully there will be some better news...

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