Thursday, April 4, 2013

A to Z: DC Metro Theater Arts

Today's letter is D. So I Thought I would dedicate to a place I write at called DC Metro Theater Arts.If you are interested in the performing arts in the Washington DC area I would recommend the site to you. They cover a bit beyond DC as well inccluding Fredericksburg, Frederick, Annapolis and Baltimore.

Yes most of the site is theatre related. The site does reach outside DC being linked to Broadway World in New York. The site does cover more than theatre covering dance, concerts, some movies, and more events. There are also well writen columns.

I've covered a lot of concerts. The music varies tro include authentic Irish folk muisc, Burmese rock, classical, jazz, country, rock, alt rock, bluegrass, show tunes, alt country, pop, and more. I have also covered (and of course the site as well) a lot of theatre including National Tours, International Tours, to cutting edge local theatre.

Other events I have covered for the site include a circus, a Chinese Dance Theatre event, commedians, children theatre, and puppets. The site covers a lot of stuff and posts daily.


Dot said...

A nice cultural resource; thanks for letting us know of it. Good luck with the Challenge!

Sandy Campbell said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!! I had no idea! thank you for an interesting post!