Friday, April 26, 2013

A to Z: Bob Weir

I was in the middle of writing another blog for the challenge today, when I found out about Bob Weir falling on stage last night. Bob Weir was a member, guitarist, and vocalist for The Grateful Dead. Currently he is on tour with Further, with Phil Lesh.

Last night he fell over on stage and was helped to a chair to finish the song...

From what I see he didn't look okay and his playing didn't appear to be that great. After the song Weir was helped off the stage as the band took a break, the band later returned to finish the show without Bob.

According to Rolling Stone "Phil Lesh told the crowd that Weir was suffering from a strained shoulder and that the set would go on without him." explained that the shoulder issue was due to a work out and that Weir had taken "a muscle relaxant which ultimately inhibited his performance."

The tour is supposed to continue on Saturday in Atlantic City. Hopefully he is okay and the tour will continue filling the air with songs that you know. No news on Furthur's site or Bob Weir's site. I wish him a speedy recovery. Please feel free to visit the other sites and read more, they are linked where quoted.

Thanks and I will have a new post tomorrow....

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