Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A to Z: Charles Town

Let's not confuse Charles Town with Charleston. Charles Town is the largest city in Jefferson County in West Virginia. It is also very close to where I live thus I frequent it very often. If you are a regular reader of my blog it is the town that I volunteer at the cold weather shelter.

The biggest thing in Charles Town is the horse racing track and casino. The casino features slots and table games. They also have free concerts from time to time...

Aston “Family Man” Barrett of The Wailers performing at the Charles Town Races and Slots

It isn't the only place to hear live music in Charles Town. One of my favoriute places to listen to music is Beasley's Books and Eccentrics. It is a book store, with a bar in the middle of it, and when you hear someone play there it is like listening to them in the comfort of your living room..

Above is a picture of Billy Thompson, whoi is one of the area's best blues guitar players. He is really a regional if not national talent who just happens to make his home near me. He is played all over in festivals, clubs like the famous Blues Alley in Washington.

Okay the town isn't all about music and gambling though that does sound kind of fun. Of course it would be better if you were winning at the gambling and the music was great. 

There are other fun things that go on in Charles Town like the farmer's market, parades and the festival..

Below my daughter enjoys a ride..(trust me she enjoyed it depite the unsure look on her face)

Jsut sharing a bit about a nearby town..

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