Monday, September 3, 2012

The Month Ahead

Well June, July and August are the slow months for most theatre productions. I still was able to get quite a few shows in with the CATF, The Capital Fringe, plus a few off season productions. Music took center stage,

Well now September has rolled back around and the theatre season is here! I scheduled myself pretty light this month. I am only signed up to cover one play, one music concert, and one comedy show. That is scheduled to change it always does. I am also planning to see at least one play that I am not reviewing. Plus I will check out some local musicians as well.

I will also be writing more on sports as the college football season has started. I will be playing fantasy football again this season even though my team doesn't look that great. There will be more movie and music reviews for some of the other sites I just started writing for soon. Plus I have a few things I need to write about.

In other ways stay tuned there will be lots of stuff to blog about in the month ahead. Tuesday's blog will be sports related.

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