Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Football Post

Yes it is my weekly football post. I try to cram everything in one post. Those not interested in football don't worry I am working on a bunch of reviews from the weekend and I have a lot of writing projects in the work so there will be non sports posts soon.

Fantasy football

This week it is coming down to Monday Night Football. I am 14 points down but I have two players left and my opponent has one. Hopefully, my team can pull it out. None the less it makes Monday Night Football a bit more important.


Well, I covered the Jacksonville Jaguars game again this week. They hosted the Houston Texans and lost badly 27-7. You can read my recap on Outside the Redzone here. I am disappointed that Jacksonville didn't get the ball to Justin Blackmon. He didn't catch a pass today and has only three catches on the season. Not what you want from your first round pick. That's a little extra opinion. However, Jacksonville's offense did very little today at all. Here are highlights from that game...

NCAA Football

Moving down a level to college football my rankings for this week are up on Hubpages you can check them out here. Same style rankings I used to do at associated Content just at a new home. This week I have Alabama number one, with LSU moving up to number 2, and FSU making the leap to number three. If you are curious check out the rest of the rankings.

Here is my recap of the Florida-Tennessee game. The Gators have been really strong in the second half the last two weeks. I thought this game would have been closer since Tennessee was off to a good start this  year. Here are some highlights from that game..

I also did the recap for Georgia Tech-Virginia football game. You can read it here.Georgia Tech is a good football team. However, Pittsburgh upsetting Virginia Tech does not help the Yellow Jackets out. Here are some highlights...

There is a lot of Southern sports coverage going on at Outside the Redzone, go ahead and like them on facebook if you want too.

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Hi I enjoyed your post though I don't know much about American Football I know much about English son was a pro player when younger so was always brought up to date with the sport. I found your post most interesting. Thanks for a good read.