Thursday, September 13, 2012

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin sure knows how to create a buzz. Their mysterious "Facebook  Countdown" ended today.

Here is yesterdays post,,,

Of course having over 6.5 million likes on your Facebook helps. If I started a countdown on my blog visitors would go "Okay that was a waste of time." My friends might say "wow he can count." Anyway, the buzz is about the reunion concert being released as a movie to theaters in October and a DVD in November. Here is the trailer..

The concert was incredible. I know this since it was delivered to me on CD./DVD the day after the reunion. I am sure this version will be even better! Since Jimmy Page has worked on the mastering, plus a chance to see the band on a movie screen..well that hasn't happened since "The Song Remains the Same" Anyway I wrote a song by song review of the reunion concert well five years ago hear is a link to that if you are interested in what I thought.

There was another announcement regarding Led Zeppelin yesterday. They will be honored at this year's Kennedy Center Gala and you can read about them and Buddy Guy here. Anyway, thats all the news here I will leave you with a song..

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