Monday, September 15, 2014

Battle of the Bands 5: Babe, I'm Going to Leave You

I'm back for my fifth installment of Battle of the Bands. Here is how it works:

Listen to the song clips in the blog post. In the comment section vote for the one you like the best. Feel free to explain why you voted the way you did. The battles take place on the first and 15th and winners will be announced on the 7th and 21st. I will normally post the winner in the comments. Of course have fun and enjoy!

If you are still looking for more musical fun after you vote, you can check out these sites for more battles:

I am changing it up this time will have five choices. Originally I was just going to limit myself to Pink versus Miley Cyrus. I figured everyone who entered would think I lost my mind or wondered what the heck I was on if  I did that. However, I am curious what you think of  the covers.

I wanted to get Joan Baez singing "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" written by Anne Bredon since it is considered the original version but I can't find it on youtube! 

I added The Plebs version because the arrangement is different. Also I noticed looking at the 45 in the video,  they didn't credit Anne Bredon just like Zeppelin didn't do at first...

Here is The Association doing there version of the song...

Here is Miley Cyrus performing this classic song...

Pink rocks out to this song...

Obviously Pink and Miley pulled from Led Zeppelin's version..

Ironic Battle Number 5 and I share 5 songs. There it is, enjoy, vote and comment. Please visit the others and do the same. If you are doing your own battle let me know as well!


Chris Fries said...

A lot of choices -- I tend to go with head-to-head BOTB posts to make it easier and to get the focus on the two I want to highlight.

But here it's interesting to see the evolution of the song from the original through the Association to Led Zepplin. Miley and Pink just do covers of the Zep version, so it's easy to eliminate them from consideration (although I liked Pink's better).

To my ears, even though it was a cover, the Led Zepplin version was clearly the best, and it's the "Real" version to me, probably because it's the one I'm most familiar with.

So Zep for me

Arlee Bird said...

Everything Chris said was what I was going to say.

I'm voting the same as well.

Led Zep gets my vote.

Tossing It Out

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I actually like Pink, but will also go with Zeppelin because it's familiar and more my style of music.

John Holton said...

I'm most familiar with Led Zeppelin's version. That doesn't mean it gets my vote. The versions by Pink and Miley Cyrus are basically the same thing as Zep's version, so those are out of the running.

I never heard much of The Association when they were popular, only the songs that hit the Top 40. I was relieved that their version didn't include a recorder solo a la "Windy." I liked their version...

But the one I really liked was The Plebs'. I love that early-'60's organ solo, and the sound was just better. So that's my choice.

John Holton
The Sound Of One Hand Typing

DiscConnected said...



Cathy Kennedy said...

This song is new-to-me. Yeah, you're probably asking, what planet are you from, girl? At a first glance I was certain the group I would choose would be The Associations, but after listening to the song I surprised myself. Miley got tossed out right away. Pink did a good job, but the live version...let's just say not too many artists today can pull this off. Here's where the surprise came in, Led Zepplin, a heavy rocker for my taste actually moved me with his cover. I'm not technical when it comes to the ins and outs of an artist. The thing that dictates whether or not it's something I like hinges on the way it emotionally or physically moves me. Usually it's more of a physical choice because the words usually roll pass me and am forced to look the lyrics up online, if I want to know them. Anywho....I got a little long winded there, didn't I? Anyway, Led Zepplin gets my vote!

Robin said...

First, before I forget, you have a lot of black on black typing (so it is very hard to read) starting after you list the names of the other BOTB hosts.

Second, I agree with Chris about picking the two best (to your way of thinking) and putting them against one another. Particularly now that there are so many folks hosting battles.

Third, I read the comments and didn't even listen to Pink or Miley based on what was said.

Fourth, I really liked The Plebs. It had that 60s sound that is pleasing to my ear. I liked it much better than The Association's version (though that might have been an interesting battle since the version most people know is the one by Led Zeppelin.)

Fifth, musically I have to vote for Led Zeppelin. But The Plebs are definitely my second choice!

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Yeah, I want to echo the idea already put forth that with so many 'BOTB' participants now (which we are all VERY HAPPY TO HAVE WITH US!), what was once a 2-hour investment of time has become nearly a 2-day investment of time as it is (what with listening, commenting, replying to comments).

So I think it's important that BOTBers really focus and refine the options they give their readers to evaluate and vote on.

I still wouldn't object to an occasional 3-song BOTB if a person has three DRAMATICALLY different versions of the same song and all three are really exceptional (i.e., 'BATTLE OF THE BANDS #5' when I used 3 excellent versions of 'ROUTE 66' that were so drastically different you hardly knew you were hearing the SAME song). But otherwise, I think we need to keep personal time limitations in mind.

I listened to the song 3 times: The first version, the Association (because I always liked them), and Led Zep, even though I used to own their first album and have heard their version countless times.

I didn't care for the first version - too simplistic and the mood didn't match the words. Led Zeppelin was OK but that band was often so ham-fisted that I grew tired of their bombastic musical masturbation.

I'll take The Association on this one. Nice arrangement, good vocals, interesting harmonizing and it kept true to the song's idea.

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

farawayeyes said...

Hey Mike, am I beating a dead horse, if I say,'yeah, what the others have said about multiple contestants'? Anyway, that that with a grain of salt because it's coming from the 'queen of; don't tell me what to do on my blog.'

Anyway... I admit that I didn't listen all of the songs all the way through, but I did listen to some of each. Cross the women off right away - I was like - alright leave already. The Plebs seemed a little too jaunty for my taste and although I like the Led Zepplin version it was just so...Led Zepplin. That leave The Association. I have always like them, but was not familiar with this song. In the end they get my vote.

mike spain said...

Votes tallied Led Zeppelin wins it, The Association came in second.