Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to The Boss

When I was visiting my friend at Jazz Fest he gave me a hard time for not coming back to see Bruce Springsteen. An artist I have never seen in concert. The truth behold I would have loved to gone to Jazz Fest for more than one day this year. My friend insists Bruce would have blown me away in concert. However, I had work and family commitments  that created scheduling impossibilities. Not a curse a blessing. No job, no family isn't great either.

However, Springsteen has never been a must see act to me. I enjoy his music in small doses. He is a great songwriter, has a loyal following, and in rock music is a living legend. Not taking away from him. In fact today I am celebrating his birthday!

As you would expect..

He is creative enough to cover the unexpected..

His song..

Happy Birthday to the Boss! What's your favorite Bruce song?


farawayeyes said...

Looks like a BOTB in the making.

mike spain said...

farawayeyes maybe!