Monday, September 29, 2014

Fantasy Football: Back with a win

A win is a win even if it only by two points. My team won 137-135.

How did my moves workout?

I mentined some moves I was making this week. Like the Miami Dolphins did in the past I too gave up Chad Henne for Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill produced 22 points for me. Chad Henne watched a rookie play.

I benched Chris Johnson and of course he produced a respectable 10 points. I moved Sproles to running back and went with Floyd in the flex. Floyd gave me 10 points. I was going to go with  Harry Douglas  but I didn't and Douglas did not place.


Dud of the week from my team DeSean Jackson one point. Cecil Shorts only produced three points thanks to injury. Tom Brady only six points.

This week moves...

Well Tannehill has a bye this week so I have to hope Carson Palmer plays. It looks like Shorts is out this week so I moved Malcolm Floyd to a receiver slot. which means I pull Chris Johnson in the flex spot. Of course it is early in the week..

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