Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy Birthday John and Robert

Today I am going to celebrate two birthdays on my blog. John Hiatt turns 61 and Robert Plant turns 65. I thought I would pass on Plant since I covered his concert this summer and I had just posted about Led Zeppelin's birthday but I thought 65 was quite a milestone.John Hiatt is a great songwriter. The best way to celebrate these artists is through their music so sit back and enjoy..

Here is John Hiatt with Sonny Landreth (one of the best slide guitarists on the planet) performing a song B.B. King and Eric Clapton made famous "Riding with the King"

We will start the Robert Plant celebration with "In the Mood"

This song is perhaps my favorite John Hiatt song "Have A Little Faith In Me"

Yes this is a cover song, here is Robert Plant from his Honeydripper days.."Sea of Love"

Here is John Hiatt with a song you might know "Perfectly Good Guitar"

Here Robert Plant covers the beautiful "Song of the Siren" from his Dreamland project...

Here is John Hiatt performing "Thing Called Love" with the great Bonnie Raitt...

Stepping away from the covers with Robert Plant here is "Ship of Fools"

Both artists may be in their 60s but literally I could keep adding songs from both of them all day. I could go back to Roberts pre-Zeppelin days, or the Led Zeppelin days, continue on his solo years, I didn't even touch on his Alison Krauss project, or his new Band of Joy, there is simply so much. John Hiatt has written songs performed by Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Jimmy Buffett and many more. I shared a few songs but trust me he has  written so many more gems. I thank them both for their music, I look forward to what music they might still create, and I wish them both a Happy Birthday! 

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