Monday, August 5, 2013

The Major League Baseball Suspensions


The New York Yankees are 57-53 without Alex Rodriguez. They are currently 9.5 games behind the Boston Red Sox and 4.5 games out from a wild card spot. The Yanks get A-Rod back while he appeals, which will give New York an extra bat for a couple of games. I don't see the Yankees losing much. Sure A-Rod's bat might have helped the team, but he alone isn't enough to catch up that kind of ground. I think the Yankees win in the long term as they find a replacement for A-Rod. A-Rod will be 40 years old when he returns for the 2015 season.The Red Sox, Orioles, and Rays are glad he won't be returning.

Ryan Braun

Ryan had the second longest suspension. However, he had a few days to distance himself from the pack which might help Braun out in the future. The Milwaukee Brewers are 47-64 and in the cellar of their division. Twenty games out of first and over 13 games out of a wild card spot. He had battled some injuries and had only played in 61 games this season. Still he was hitting .298 with mine home runs and 38 RBIs. Ryan Braun gets to get healthy and play next year with a clean slate.

Nelson Cruz

The Texas Rangers are a half game out from a playoff spot and just two and half games behind the Oakland Athletics. It is the worst time to lose an All-Star outfielder for the final 50 games of the season. Cruz was hitting .269 with 27 home runs and 69 RBIs. Cruz leads the Rangers in homers and RBIs so it is a big loss for the Rangers.

Johnny Peralta

The Detroit Tigers (64-45) enjoy a three game leas in their division. However, the Tigers lost their All-Star shortstop Johnny Peralta for the next 50 games. A .305 bat is going to be missed along with 11 home runs and 54 RBIs.

Antonio Bastardo

The Philadelphia Phillies are fading fast losing five straight. The team is 50-61. Bastardo had appeared in 48 games and had a 2.32 ERA along with a 3-2 record plus two saves. The suspension won't help the Phillies but they weren't going anywhere anyway.

Jordany Valdespin/Cesar Puello

The New York Mets are not going anywhere either. Valdespin, an outfielder, was only hitting .188  The suspension is going to hurt his career a lot more than it will the Mets. Puello another outfielder who has no stats is also out for 50 games.

Jordan Norberto

Norberto a free-agent pitcher can put his job search on hold for the next 50 games.

Everth Cabrera/Fautino De Los Santos

The San Diego Padres probably are out of the playoff race. /losing a .283 hitting shortstop doesn't help. Cabrera doesn't have a lot of pop with just four home runs in 95 games. No stats on De Los Santos. He just lost his chance to help the club in September.

Fransico Cervelli

Cervelli is a Yankees catcher who has played in 17 games this season. He has shown power hitting three homers while batting .269. He is missing a chance to help his career with some late season playing time.

Jesus Montero

The Seattle Mariners aren't going anywhere this season. Montero has played in 29 games and is batting .208 for the season. The suspension will cost him a chance to get more playing time and improve his stats. Not good for his career.

Sergio Escalona

The hapless Houston Astros need all the help they can get. Escalona won't be coming up from the minors to help the Astros as the pitcher was suspended for 50 games.

Big Picture

Nelson Cruz will be the biggest playoff factor in the suspensions. A-Rod will grab the highlights. Braun is among the top players but if he had to be suspended this is the season. The team is out of the running, he has injuries, ride it out and get ready for the next season. A lot of the suspensions are for minor leaguers and minor players. They won't be missed. Lots of players, lots of missed games, a couple of big names it grabs the headlines. Makes up for the quiet trade deadline.

Sources: Fox Sports for news, stats, records, opinions are my own thoughts

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