Thursday, August 8, 2013


Have a lot going on in my life. My son is doing football practice, I am preparing for a big change in September. However, I have a couple of concerts to review this month, I have an interview waiting to be published, and I have an idea or two for some other articles. So a lot more posts will be coming...

July was busy.  A couple of festivals, a few interviews, and a few concerts. Plus I worked on a project. The most important thing I did was spend time with my daughter. I tried to get most of summer in on one week before she went to see the Grandparents. I didn't do bad two zoos, two movies, family night dinner date, and topped off by a party at the river. It was cool to be able to include the stepson in more activities. That's a parenting challenging with a teen and a younger sibling.

Anyway it is busy times, changing times, so there should be some interesting blog posts soon stay tuned!

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