Friday, August 23, 2013

Lawrence Gowan of Styx

Some how this summer I ended up interviewing a lot of musicians.I had the privilege of interviewing Lawrence Gowan who is the main lead singer and keyboardist in the band Styx. You can read my interview here.

If you go to the article their are YouTube videos of interview with REO Speedwagon who Styx is currently touring with, Styx songs "The Grand Illusion," an interview about Styx's charity Rock to the Rescue and an REO Speedwagon video for "roll with the Changes." I know more videos will be put up from REO Speedwagon and Styx when my review of tonight's show is published, hopefully Saturday.

Anyway like always I try to add a little more into my blog.

Here is a video for the song Gowan was probably best known before joining Styx called "A Criminal Mind"

Here is Styx performing "Lady" with Lawrence Gowan...

Well I am going to see the show tonight in Baltimore at Pier Six Pavilion the show starts at 7:30, Styx is scheduled to go on at 8 and REO Speedwagon is set to close out the Friday night show. If you read my blog too late or you are not in the area check out the Styx website for more dates.

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