Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tommy Emmanuel

Okay I knew Tommy Emmanuel was a great guitarist. It is the reason i signed up to review his show. I knew the venue, The Birchmere was a super place to see and hear musicians play. The show exceded my expectations. One the opening act was Anthony Snape, who I wasn't familier with before the show. He turned out to be a talented songwriter, a solid guitarist, and a gifted singer. He was aslso very energized and excited to be opening the show. I met him after the show and he appeared to be very humble as well.

Here is Anthony Snape in action...

Okay he looks a lot different now than in that video.Here is one a bit more recent...

Then there was Tommy Emmanuel who lived up to his hype and then some. He was a great showman. His show was part clinic, part awe inspiring, and 100% entertaining. You can read my review here. If you have never seen him in concert put it on your bucket list.

Here he is in action at the same club but a year or o before the show I covered..

More Tommy...he played this one and I thought it was really neat!

I'll be back with a new post soon! 

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