Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Review of Bill Payne's show

Bill Payne's Tracing Footsteps Tour is an experience, an intimate look into an artist's world. You can read my review here. Besides being one of the founders and piano/keyboard player for Little Feat, he is a reknowned session player as well. I didn't even know he played on this songm till he played the riff and told the story..

I'm not a fan of giving stars. After interviewing him, seeing his show, and meeting him I would give him 5-stars as a person. Laid back, friendly, talented and he gave a thrree hour show! But I was honest, it was good, a better experience than a concert. I liked the second set a lot more than the dirst set. I also thought some casual fans might not like his song selection for Little Feat tunes. Though it appeared the audience was long time, familiar fans.

Here is a bit from the current tour at a different stop...

Another cool thing was the special guest. It was a local guitarist Billy Thompson who I have seen play a few times. He is local in that he lives fiarly close to me and plays in my neck of the woods often. He didn't always live close to me and he has played some big time festivals and with some big names. However, it is a cool experience to see someone you know playing with a legend at a legendary venue. Yes, he played great and held his own on stage with Gabe Ford and Bill Payne. I chatted with Bill Payne after the show and he gave Billy a lot of praise.

Here is Billy Thompson performing...

There are more clips on my review of both artists. Anyway, I shared my thought process on this review and gave some more insight. Hope you enjoyed and I will be back with another post soon! 

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