Monday, June 3, 2013

The Blog, Looking Back, Looking Forword

March and April were record setting months for views on my blog. There was a drop off in May, but still the third highrest month in this blog's history. May was special by the amount of comments posted on the blog. It was very neat to read all of them, and only one spam one. I read them all, answered a few, and enjoyed the experience. That's what this blog is about, I think, is sharing. I share thoughts that come across my mind, I share about my writing, and I share other experiences. So, it was really nice to read what my audience had to share with me.

This month I have had a post about a musician, an actress, and the blog so far counting this post. I am planning to have a sports related post. There will be plenty of music. I am covering several concerts and I have a big name interview coming up so I will certainly share about that. There will be the random posts and maybe I will crash a blogfest or two. There will probably be some theatre posts as well. Lot's of surprises. It is Mike's Ramblings, tramblings aren't planned out it just happens.

Thanks for visiting, enjoy and come back soon!

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