Friday, June 28, 2013

Country Living

Okay as some of my readers know I live on the far edge of suburbia in a rural area. Well, I had my car repaired at a local shop maybe 10 miles away or so. It was a major repair and I wasn't carrying around that kind of cash and I didn't bring a check since using one is such a rarity these days. Any way I drove out to the shop in a rental and the guy asked me if I was going to pay by credit card. The answer was yes, I was going to use my check card.

Well I was told the phone lines were down apparently some animal had gotten into the lines and the phones in the area were out. The phones being out meant he couldn't run my card! He also stated a bear had stopped by the shop a couple of hours ago! Well I made arrangements to try again tomorrow to pay for it and pick up the car. I just hope the bear didn't do the repair job!

I just thought I would share a story about country living!

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