Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Quiet Halloween. I took my daughter dressed up as Cinderella trick or treating in some nearby neighborhoods.  Didn't appear like as many folks were participating this year as normal. So she brought home a modest amount of candy, but considering she lost a tooth yesterday it probably is just as well. The best part of it all was a chance to spend time with her. Combined with the trip to the pumpkin patch, a Fall Festival, a special movie, and a couple of costume parties I think she had a good Halloween season.

I don't have a bunch of Halloween related articles that I have written. I wrote one about a Ghost tOur in Harpers Ferry. These are fun and a great way to learn about the local history. I also took one in Gettysburg. You can read my Harpers Ferry review here.

I did a review of the vampire movie "Blood and Donuts on Disturbing Films you can read the review here. Hopefully by next Halloween I will have more reviews up. Oh well I hope every one had a great Halloween!

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