Sunday, October 21, 2012

Whole Lotta Football

Are you ready for some football?

My Fantasy Football Team

My fantasy football team is going to win this week. I used some of my subs to fill in for the bye vacancies. I also picked up Blaine Gabbert for my second quarterback. He gave me a few points before he left the game.


He plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars, the NFL team, I cover for Outside the Redzone. Well the Jaguars lost Maurice Jones-Drew early in this game, lost a big lead, and missed a golden opportunity for a victory.You can read my recap here.

Here are some highlights and news on the game from an Oakland perspective..

College Football

My Rankings

Here is a link to my top 25 this week. Take the poll and let me know who should be number one!

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech they came off of a bye week ready to play and they beat Boston College. The Yellow Jackets have a lot of work to do to make it to a bowl game but they are a bit closer. You can read the recap here.Below are some highlights from that game..

Florida Gators

Two articles this week! I'll start with my recap of the Florida Gators 44-11 win over the South Carolina Gamecocks. I really enjoyed watching their special teams and defense. The Gators defense plays like a great unit instead of great stars. Well check out my recap here.

Here are some highlights from that game...

I also wrote an article about their BCS ranking earlier in the week. You can read it here.

I should have some skiing articles, a musical review, and who knows what else coming out this week. So, it should be a good week of blogging. Plus whatever, else I decide to ramble on about.

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