Sunday, October 7, 2012


Okay I took a week off from posting about football in here. Don't worry I am back today to do a post on football. If you like my other stuff don't worry I will be back blogging about two more shows and I am hoping to get some other writing done. Plus I will throw in a few surprises i my blog..

Anyway..NFL the Jacksonville Jaguars

You can read my recap of today's game here. If you like the Bears you will love it. If you like the Jags, well they are not providing anything good to write about.The week before they lost to Cincinnati you can read that recap here. Highlights on the earlier game here..

Down a level to college football...

You can read my latest college football rankings here. I have added a poll question to my ranking as well trying to give it a fresh twist.

Florida Gators

The Florida Gators surprised LSU on Saturday. You can read my review here. I think the win helps Will Muschamp's job security. The week before Florida did not play. Here are some highlights from that game...

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech is the other team I cover, they lost this weekend to Clemson. You can read my recap here. Here are some highlights from that game...

The week before Georgia Tech lost to Middle Tennessee State. You can read my recap here as well. I found some highlights from that game as well.

Well I will be back soon with a post about something different...

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