Friday, October 26, 2012

Washington Nationals 2012 Rewind

What a season by the Washington Nationals! They had the best record in baseball, they had their first winning season, they won their division for the first time, they went to the playoffs for the first time, they had their first twenty game winner and their manager won a well deserved manager of the year award.

I put a list together of ten great moments from this season. You can read my list here. I limited myself to 10, but I am sure in the 167 games the Nationals played this year there are a lot of moments that deserve mentioning. See if you agree with my list, if you have moments you want to share please do so..

Washington's season ended so dramatically too. It was an interesting game to watch and I was rooting for them but the Cardinals come back was just heartbreaking, here is the ending....

This was the best play I have ever seen in person at a baseball game, Bryce Harper stealing home..

I have one more video on my article so check it out. Have fun and I will be blogging on until the storm hits then I might be in Kansas or Oz or somewhere...

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