Thursday, August 16, 2012

Elvis 35 Years Gone

Last year on this date I posted about my Elvis memories or lack there can read my post here. Did have U2 and Robert Plant featured. One memory I did not share was my Dad took my Mom to see Elvis in Hampton. This was a big deal since my Dad wasn't big into concerts.

I don't know what year it was but this is the closing number from his 1972 show there...

Hard to believe I have never seen a show in the Hampton Colosseum. I've gone to shows in Virginia Beach and Portsmouth.

More from the show this is Elvis coming out on stage and the first number...

So last year I shared my Elvis memories, this year I shared my parents..(I think)

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Susan Oloier said...

That is so awesome! They probably didn't realize at the time how very special it was to see him in concert. But then, maybe they did.