Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dog Days of Summer Blog Fest: Ultimate Vacation

I take staying home or around home for granted. Literally I could have someone's ultimate vacation by staying home and maybe some minimal car travelling. I could go hiking on the Appalachian Trail, I could fish the pond across the street, or I have a choice of two rivers. If I wanted to spend money I could canoe, kayak, raft or tube either river. The National Park is here. But I tend to have a need to go, go, go...

A vacation always sounds better before you go. Even if it is fun and a good time it could have always been better. I'm assuming time and money are available for the ultimate vacation since this is kind of fantasy. In reality those two things don't really line up.

If I am going with the family I suppose it would be Disney World. Do the multiple day thing and see all Disney has to offer. Though I am sure by the second day of standing in lines it wouldn't be an ultimate vacation.

OK make it better for the adults and throw a beach day or two in the vacation. Also throw in a day of deep sea fishing for me.

If it is just the wife and me. I would say a Caribbean Island some where. At this point I would settle for the Florida Keys. Maybe multiple islands but not really looking for the cruise thing. Jamaica, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica, The Virgin Islands, some where neat. We never had the honeymoon trip so we are over due.

Just me. Not really a summer vacation though I could go to New Zealand or Chile. It would be a ski trip. Anywhere but the East Coast. I don't mind skiing the east but I want to try somewhere else. British Columbia, Lake Tahoe, probably top my list but I am not picky. Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, California, New Mexico, Oregon, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway..lots of options.
New scenery, it clears my mind, I would get in better shape all positive things.

Guess I just need to pick one...

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