Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dog Days of Summer: Follow Up

Well school has started. My little girl started kindergarten and my stepson has started another year in high school. Though in his case it is like he didn't have a summer with summer school and band. Scurrying around getting doctor's appointments going to open houses and orientations have put a pinch on summer time.

Summer does not end with me until the calendar says it is fall and then I still try to push it. However, for kids it ends a little early with school. One of the posts on the Dog Days of Summer Blog Fest was about summer plans so I am following that up. My daughters school officially started yesterday with a two hour orientation from 1-3. Tuesday, I ran some errands in the morning and took her the Catoctin Zoo.

Don't worry we saw lots of animals and witnessed the feedings of the alligators and monkeys. We also fed plenty of deer, goats, and pigs. After words we went to family night and then went to the County Fair. My son was playing in the band and wanted to hang out with his friends after. So after his performance I signed him out and gave him money. I went with my daughter and we met firefighters, had her face painted, dug for fossils, played on bouncy things, saw horses, goats, cows, chickens, turkeys and rabbits. We also went on a Ferris Wheel.

Wednesday my son had his first day of school. I still had a few hours before Evelyn had to be at orientation so I took her to one last movie "Shrek Forever After." Here is a trailer for that film:

Then it was off to school...

Photo: First day orientation

Today is her first full day of school her mom and I dropped her off but she gets to ride the bus home. It should be an adventure for her since she has never been in a school bus before. Don't worry I have a special concert planned for her next week. Like I said summer isn't over yet.

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