Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ready for College Football

Okay it is a sports blog today. Don't worry I will be back with posts about theatre, movies, music and stuff soon. I haven't written a bunch on sports lately but those who have followed the blog for a while know I do write about sports.

Anyway, what I call My Rankings returns this year but I am publishing it on Hubpages. I used to publish it on Associated Content, Yahoo! Voices. They have changed so I can't publish them out as quickly so I am making a change. If you want to see if your team is ranked or how high I ranked them you can check out my pre-season ranking here.

Okay I know they used this song for Monday Night Football..but it works here to are you ready for some football?

I also published one more article on Hubpages as well. This one was on the most devastating football losses for the Florida Gators. If your a Gators fan like me some of them might make you groan. If you like some of the Gators rivals like Georgia and Florida State you might enjoy the article.

I will also be covering football for another site. I will post more about that when I publish something. In the mean time enjoy!

Remember, football starts tonight with South Carolina at Vandy!

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