Friday, August 17, 2012

Silvermouse Review on a New Site

Okay I will be doing some music reviews on CW's Place. The site specializes in Christian and Indie music. I used my blog on my tagline since it is the best place to find out what and where I write. (If you dig enough or stick around long enough). So guests dropping bye welcome I hope you stay a while and come back. Regulars welcome back!

My first review falls on the Indie side and is Silvermouse's "Space Country." You can read it here it is short and sweet. As always I try to add something different, new, when I promote things I write on here.

Here is some Silvermouse for your viewing and listening pleasure from YouTube:

and another song:

If you like what you heard check out my review, check out their website, get the music! Check back soon I will have another post soon!

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