Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yoni Gras

Last week was a good week for me, live music three nights can't be bad. One was the Martina McBride show. The other was Yoni Gras 2012. It was a neat concept. I live a local theatre, the Maryland Ensemble Theatre in Frederick, Maryland hosting two nights of live music to promote local, independent bands. I think it is a win, win. The bands get exposure, the MET has something going on for two nights during their off season.

It did turn me on to a couple of local bands that I want to see again. Some were not exactly my cup of tea. However, I like the idea of a place bands can show off their creativity. You can read my review here. If you were there please feel free to leave your opinion on the show. I must admit the show did make me feel kind of old. I think I was the oldest one there except for some of the band members parents.

Here are some samples of some of the music...

Here is Holy MTN a synth driven band, that had a 80's retro sound...

More from the show Silent Old Mountain...

More here is Old Indian..I really liked them, blues driven hard rock, and very loud!

The second night was quite different with Honeyhound, Violet Overnight and Adrienne and the Merrylanders.

Just trying to share some more, I couldn't find any clips of night two. However, the first night is well represented on youtube. I'll be back soon with another post..

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