Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nat Reese You Will Be Missed

I just found out Nat Reese has passed away. I blogged about him close to Christmas time and you can read that post here. He was a fine blues artist who lived in Southern West Virginia in Princeton. I had the honor to see him perform a few times while I was in college. The past 17 years or so I wanted to see him in concert again, but on my few trips down that way I never did get to hear him one more time.

He was an ambassador to the blues. I learned a lot from watching him perform. I was getting more into the blues and here was a local legend performing the music. The timing was perfect for me and I am sure for other students as well. I am glad he shared his music.

I hope he saves me a seat, and I hope to get a chance to hear him play once more. Here is a link to his obituary in the Bluefield Telegraph. Here he is performing at FloydFest:

May he Rest in Peace, Nat Reese will be missed.

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