Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stormy Friday

This late Spring/Early Summer I must be attracting the fowl weather. I blogged about my adventures in Beryl. Well my first Friday on being home I volunteered at the Western Maryland Blues Fest. Well the weather was rainy with severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings and sightings in the area. None the less they decided to carry on with the festival.

It wasn't to bad one down pour during my shift. IT was warm and the rain kinda felt refreshing. Though when it poured it was cold. However, later in the evening they made folks evacuate and delayed the show for an hour and a half due to the threat of strong winds. Kudos, for the City of Hagerstown for opening up some public buildings for blues fans. The city kept their word and all the bands played.

I had mixed feelings but being on the outside it is easy to second guess. One it would make sense to cancel for public safety. However, they would have still had to pay the bands and some fans would have been disappointed. So, I guess the way they handled it was best. Fans got to see the bands, no one was hurt. The city acted responsible and their was great music.

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