Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Reaching for the Hoodie

It was a rare day, the cooler of a brief stretch of milder weather before another heat wave. Puffy white clouds, plenty of blue sky, but a cool breeze flowing out of the west. It was my usual standing date with my daughter at the Chick. The inside is normally kept very cool year round. I think the folks in the cow suits like it like that.

Anyway they had the enormous inflatable slide outside. So, I sat outside at a table. My daughter sat with her friends and split time with that table and the slide. There was shade and the wind blew constant. Bringing cold air out of Canada, over the Blue Ridge and right to me.

Me, dressed for summer in shorts, a polo, and my trusty flip flops were no match for this unseasonably cold air. I retreated inside the establishment and grabbed my keys. I went out the other door and walked out to the Buick. I popped the trunk, where I knew I could find the hoodie. I pulled it out, and dusted it off. The wind would be no match for the warmth it would provide. I had found what I needed to equalize the elements.

However, as I put on the hoodie, I couldn't shake the feeling that I had grown old. My feelings finally catching up to my graying hair. Had I become the elderly, person who gets chills throughout the year. Perhaps, I was in touch with my reality unlike the other guys. They faked it was not chilly and suffered in silence. Whatever the case, I had one the battle of the elements. I had found the warmth and security I needed wrapped in the fabrics of the hoodie.

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