Saturday, November 12, 2011

American Buffalo

In late October I reviewed "American Buffalo" at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre. I picked the right night to review it, since we evacuated are home due to the freak snow storm to stay at a Frederick Hotel. It was not so much the snow but the lack of power and wanting to keep the family warm that created the hotel stay.

Any way "American Buffalo" is playing through November 20th. You can read my review here which also has ticket information. If you go beware it is Mamet so there will be some colorful language featuring quite a few f-bombs and s-bombs to name a few.

It might be community theatre but the MET always has great acting. This production features a guest in Jeff Keilholtz as Teach. I probably didn't mention enough about him in my review. Jeff is based out of New York and has appeared in off-Broadway productions, films, and one of my favorite television shows "The Sopranos." He played the role of the Party Doctor in two episodes back in 2006.

Tad Janes the theatre's artistic director performs as the shopkeeper Donny and Bobby was played by Clayton Myers making the cast of three really incredible. Check it out if the language does not offend.

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