Friday, March 14, 2008

Introduction to Mr. Jack

The great thing about the Internet is access to samplings of different music. There are social networks like myspace and websites to promote musical groups (and about everything else).
But I also hear about bands by fellow writers on the web. I heard about Mr. Jack from an article written by John Gugie. I know John through his Yahoo Groups, some forums, and his writing on Associated Content. Here is a link to his AC page.

John did an excellent interview with Mr. Jack and you can read it here. Another resource to find out more about them is there myspace page.

It is interesting, the two song writers live in two different countries one in Japan and one in Michigan, USA yet via technology they are able to produce an album. Mr. Jack is a grunge sounding band that rocks. They also do an updated version of JJ Cale's Cocaine. MF Demo has some foul language, but the band is worth a listen. They have some dates scheduled for this summer, opening for the Yardbirds and ZZ Top in Michigan.

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