Monday, September 7, 2009

My Latest College Football Rankings Are Up

I have to say I really enjoyed this extended weekend. I was able to watch a lot of football due to it. I watch Georgia at Oklahoma State. I watched Charleston Southern at Florida. Parts of the Maryland at California game. Then I just finished watching the thrilling Miami at FSU game. Yes football is back and I got to watch some games. Anybody know where I can watch some NFL games online let me know as am sure I will be online following my fantasy team.

Anyway I have my second college football rankings of the season published. You can see the rankings here. The teams moved around quite a bit compared to my first rankings. Oklahoma falling to BYU. The outcomes of the Virginia Tech-Alabama game, and the scares Ohio State and Iowa were some of the reasons. In just a couple of days week 2 will start with Georgia Tech and Clemson on tap for Thursday.

The NFL kicks off Thursday as well with the Tennessee Titans visiting the Super Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. I am ready for some football.

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