Friday, September 18, 2009

Just Peter and Paul

It has been a tragic week for celebrities with Patrick Swayze passing away and now Mary Travers passed away. Mary Travers was a member of the folk group Peter, Paul, and Mary. The group famous for Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind", Pete Seegers "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" and covers of "Lemon Tree" and "If I had A Hammer." There most successfull song "Puff, the Magic Dragon" will be the song I will remember them through.

It was a song I probably wore the vinyl out on the LP. Back from the days a turntable was a way of listening not a musical instrument. She was 72, which now a days sames to be a life cut somewhat short. However it isn't 57 like Swayze. Nor, was it 27 like so many other musicians in the past. This week Cancer claimed two celebrities.

When will there be a cure? When will cancer be a forgotten disease?

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