Sunday, September 20, 2009

Latest College Rankings

As my wife would say who is not an avid sports fan "let me guess there was an upset." Well, like every week there is one, or two or three. Notable upsets this year, in week one BYU over Oklahoma. In week two, the Houston Cougars over Oklahoma State was a pretty big upset.

Week three had plenty. The Washington Huskies over USC, FSU over SMU, and Oregon over Utah. Who will be weeks four upset or upsets? I don't know. If I did I would be moving to Las Vegas. Oh well, that is part of the fun of college football. Unless it is one of your favorite teams that gets upset or you are in Vegas betting on that can't lose game.

These upsets are mking it harder to come up with My College Rankings. I did them anyway, you can check them out here. Don't worry they will change again next week.

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