Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can't hold onto Summer Forever

September is coming to an end. The leaves here are starting to change. Football is in high gear. Baseball is getting their playoffs set. The weather is getting cooler. Flues and colds are going around. Life goes on, the world keeps turning and the seasons change.

It was a good month for my writing. I wrote a lot of articles on beer and my football rankings which are doing better this year. The blog is going in full force. The question now is what will October bring?

Well there will be the weekly football rankings and I will probably snag an article or two to write about. I am working on a new writing venture, but no details yet. I have a lot of volunteer work and events lined up next month. I am also going to a concert. So, there are few things I can blog or write about.

Stick around and see what the blog has in store for Fall. If nothing else there is still some summer beer left to enjoy!

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