Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Yeah! My fantasy team won their opening match up. A big part of this was Drew Brees! Also thanks to Tom Brady in the last 2:30 minutes or so of the Monday night game. Wow! What a dome back by New England against Buffalo. It looked like the Bills were going to win for sure! Of course my bench did good! Who new Heap would score more fantasy points then Whitten or Owens at Tight End. I guess I should have used Clayton from Dallas as one of my starting wide outs. My running backs are a big weakness. Willie Parker only had one point. Johnson of Kansas City didn't do to well for me. Oh, well it is nice to get a victory.

In the college ranks, there should be a good game on Thursday night as Georgia Tech travels to Miami. My new rankings for this week have been published and they can be seen here.

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