Thursday, September 3, 2009

Football Starts Tonight

The college football season starts tonight! I am getting ready for the NFL season which starts next week. Last night the Fantasy League which I play on had their draft. So, I am ready to kick things off...

College football has Utah State at #19 Utah(15 in my rankings) and #16 Oregon(18 my rankings) at #14 Boise State(17 in my rankings). Sounds like a great way to get the season started with more games coming up!

The fantasy league I play on is run by a college sports reporter who interned at XM sports. I think I have pretty good team. My teams strength is quarterback, the league plays 2 and I have Drew Brees and Tom Brady as my starters. I also added Chad Pennington for my bench. Oh, well I will review more of my fantasy league as we get closer to the regular season kickoff.

Talking about the NFL, the NFL has a bunch of preseason games on tap tonight. It is also a slow night in baseball, so enjoy.

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